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Mike's Musings

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

By Mike Ripski | University Chaplain


Sometimes people get what they deserve. Sometimes.



The good die young.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The innocent are "collateral damage."

You grow up drinking water in Flint, Michigan

or breathing air next to a coal plant.

You can't afford a competent attorney

or health care.

Or these words are your experience:



"car accident"

"criminal record"

"chronic illness"

"terminal disease"


"mental illness"

"mental challenges"



"physical disabilities"

"chronic pain"


"wounded warrior"

"parental abandonment"


"family dysfunction"


"verbal abuse"

"physical abuse"

"sexual abuse"

"sexual assault"



"non-livable wage"


"human trafficking"

"Indian reservation"

"political oppression"

"systemic racism"


"loss of loved ones"

"shattered dreams

"long-term COVID effects"

"sexual orientation"

"gender Identity"

"religious persecution"




When I hear the stories of our students, I realize how unfair life can be.

It's why I am grateful to be a part of CU's mission of healing as well as learning.

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