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Dear Phelix: How Do I Balance University Life With Academics?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Dear Phelix:

How do I get involved in University life but also balance my time/academics?

Getting involved in school is always important, whether it be sports, clubs, or even just study

groups. College life is real life, and the broader you can expand your horizons, the better.

With that being said, we always recommend a planner so you can always have your

assignments and class schedule in front of you. Make specific days and times to do assignments so that you can get a healthy balance and have time for everything you want to do. University activities are great, but make sure to keep your grades up so that you can continue to enjoy them.

Dear Phelix:

My roommate and I have different schedules – where can I go to study?

The Doris and Harry Vise University Library on campus is a great place to study. It is usually pretty quiet and not crowded, and has lots of different areas to curl up in. If you're looking to get away, consider a coffee shop. There is a Starbucks here in Lebanon, and for a quieter sit, there is Split Bean on the square.

There are also tables in Labry and in the LCC, but those tend to be more crowded and/or noisy. Bring headphones or earbuds just in case.

Pro tip: Don't forget the far-flung reaches of memorial hall, especially the third floor. There are benches and chairs galore when class is not in session.

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