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Dear (Phiendish) Phelix: What if I Hate Halloween?

Can I wear my Halloween costume to class? And what if I don't like Halloween?

Dear Phelix: Is it okay to wear my Halloween costume to class?

If you feel the Halloween spirit and want to show it, wearing your costume to class can be fun. Just make sure it is school appropriate and not too distracting. If you have any concerns about whether or not one of your professors are okay with your costume, ask them. If only some are, and your costume is not too complex, you can always bring a change of clothes for those classes. So, if you have the Halloween spirit, have some fun and show it.

Dear Phelix: Is it okay that I don't like Halloween?

Why don’t you like Halloween? Well, it could be because dressing up in costumes impersonating figures in popular media is degrading. But also, consider this feeling as proof of great wisdom; maybe you don’t like Halloween because you are so content being yourself, and have no desire to dress up as someone else. The spooky themes may seem bland and overused to you, and if so, that’s a valid viewpoint; hang on to that belief. Now this isn’t to say you shouldn’t be involved in anything Halloween related, especially if you have friends that like Halloween. Be happy for them in their hyped up moments for this season; just view it as an opportunity for you to chill and eat beaucoup candy, and you might find yourself tolerating it after all.

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