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Batman: Darker and dirtier

The Batman captures the well known superhero as he roves through the Gotham City’s underworld after a bestial killer who leaves behind a trail of clues, leading Batman, portrayed by Robert Pattinson, on a dangerous quest to end the corruption plaguing his city.

As someone who grew up idolizing Batman, this movie exceeded my expectations and displayed some of the greatest cinematography I have ever seen in a superhero film. From the soundtrack -- put together by Michael Giacchino, noted for his other work in Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Incredibles, and the newest Jurassic World Dominion -- to the actors complex and incredibly well depicted by the casting director Cindy Tolan, the film doesn't skimp on any aspect of filmmaking.

Featuring Robert Pattinson as a darker and edgier Bruce Wayne and Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, the two stars perfectly match each other and evidence an unmistakable chemistry. The unrecognizable and sleazy villain, The Penguin (Colin Farrell), is enough reason to see the show.

Director Matt Reeves has perfectly reproduced Gotham City in a gritty and almost intrepid way. He has tastefully and successfully morphed our not-so-super superhero into a brilliantly twisted hero, one who begins the film with the incredible opening voiceover, “They think I’m hiding in the shadows, but I am the shadows.” He is not the normal and clean-cut Batman that original viewers anticipated (including myself). He is much darker, dirtier, and puts any early grunge rocker to shame. The cinematography had every single audience member swooning over Greg Fraiser’s work. Since the 1940s we have gotten hundreds of depictions of Batman on the screen, in drawings, and comics. However, this movie turns the table from crime fighting to crime solving; the old Batman is out and now we have a fearless look from Pattinson, with eyes of vengeance, and his counterpart, Kravitz.

Some may say that the movie is a downer; they could not be more wrong, despite the three hour running time. Marvel fans and DC fanatics alike, are taken back by this demanding and captivating film. Batman might be sticking to the shadows, but Robert Pattinson will not be after the success of this movie.

5/5 For this Batman fan.

Written by: Isaiah Smith and Joely Ford

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