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News by CU students, for CU students

The Cumberland Dispatch is an offshoot of this class:


ENG 19001    Print Media Workshop

ENG 39001    Print Media Workshop II


This class, despite being a mere one hour a week, is designed as a total immersion into Journalism – not from a theoretical point of view, but rather in a practical, hands-on sense. We will be creating a new publication, from scratch, for Cumberland University. Students will learn how a paper is put together; how it runs; tips and tricks on writing, editing, and interviewing; journalistic ethics, and more. They will be empowered to create a paper/website that they and their peers would like to read, and one the University may be proud of. With any luck, the paper will live long after those who began work on it have left the University. We hope to begin as a small, digest sized publication, 4-8 pages, on newsprint, beginning in Fall of 2022.


Each week may (will!) look different depending on that week’s needs. This could be anything from writing something for the paper, editing other students’ work, recruiting writers and artists, updating our social media page(s), contacting students/professors/staff or folks outside of the CU community, design and layout, or any number of other things.

Want to join us? Sign up for our class in the Fall, or email We hope to see you around!

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